Five Problem-Solving Baby Product Every Mother Should Have.

Welcome new Moms! After giving birth to the cutest little one, every mother gets worried about their infants. From feeding to sleep, pooing to pee, and many more problems with taking care of the baby snatches away the newly mother’s sleep.
So here in this blog by RIKA & Co, I recommend to you all the five best problem-solving baby product every new mother should have. When I gave birth to my both daughters, these five baby tools helped me a lot to solve the most common problems every mother faces.

Baby Bouncer Seat

When my daughter completed her three months, she use to start crying a lot for my attention; but as a busy mom I was confused about how can I take my baby on my lap and do other things! The scariest part was, she doesn’t want to sleep in her bed but only on my lap. In that moment I found this magical Baby Bouncer Seat. As I placed my child in it and did all my housework without worrying about the little one, my daughter also stopped screaming, she started to move and play inside the baby bouncer, and when she felt tried to fall asleep by herself. I noticed this baby product is also very comfortable for an infant back bone as it’s shaped in an arch not straight or flat. Babies can move their hand and leg so easily and bouncing by infant movements, which helps them to fall asleep. This problem-solving baby tool is one of my favorites, because of its cost. Not at all fancy expensive but very useful strong, portable,easy to clean and it has enough space for a 3 month old baby to 3-years toddler.

Baby Feeding High Chair

Once a baby completes her six months, every mom find some difficulties while feeding solid food. At this stage they’re more wanted to play with food, milk is not enough, and they need more solid food to taste; but no matter how exciting moment this is I know as a mother at the end you need to clean up all your dining area, not just for one time but every time you feed.
So here I’m suggesting you to go and grab this Baby Feeding High Chair before your child started solid. You can easily fit your infant inside the chair and then feed them as they want. It will not just help you to feed your baby adequately also your baby will enjoy every meal and can play, smash and smell them as they want. Your dining floor will not get messy like before. Moreover babies will learn sit properly and how to eat without mom’s help.

Baby Safety Fence

Another Baby product and tool I found so helpful was Baby Safety Fence, when I was alone, cooking or I am busy with house cleaning and was so worried about my baby falling or crawling outside the room, then I bought this safety baby fence and put my infant inside while I do my other works. It made me so peaceful that I was not any more anxious for my infant to crawl and fall from anywhere, simply I placed this baby safety fence in any room I moved, and my baby played happily inside, even can crawl, because it has proper space for 3 to 4 years kids , so that they can easily sit and play with toys. Sometime, I put the baby fence in my garden for kids to play outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Toddler Potty Training Seat

Now, the next problem-solving baby product I’m going to introduce is the show’s topper of this Blog, the Toddler Potty Training Seat is such a great tool for every kid to train the potty time. I never faced trouble with potty and toilet training for my toddlers when my elder daughter started sitting properly around her 8 months. I introduce her to a mini potty toilet trainer then after one and half years, she became so confident then started taking potty training ladder by herself,
And she never gets scared of poo pee time; even this tool makes her feel more comfortable. Moreover Mommy never needs to clean the mess as they learn to flash it out by themselves. I must say, this is one of the best problem-solving baby products every mom should have.

Baby Diaper Changing Storage Table

Last but not least, another very useful baby product I used was the Baby Diaper Changing Storage Table. Usually, when babies’ diaper gets dirty, every mom rushes to clean that mess, but they also need to maintain their hygiene. So for that, this tool I found is very handy, mommy quickly can shift infant to baby diaper changing table, then with whatever essential you need, can take from the storage and clean your baby poo easily. Mommies can organize Diaper Changing Essentials such as diaper rash creams, clean wipes, pants, and disposals to table for every next time use.

At the end, I would like to mention, above all Baby products, I have used them personally, even still use some of them such as baby feeding chairs and potty training, I understand how every mother struggles to care for their babies so here with my suggestion in this blog will help every hard-working mom to take care of their babies with love and without getting frustrated.

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