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Welcome back to RIKA & Co Blog ,today we’re going to talk about How to Organize a Messy Child Room. I know as mother how you feel after doing all house work, had long tiring day decide to take some rest then you visit that little zombie world where you see all kid’s toys, lego’s, books, games spreading on all over the floor with lots of dirty mess . I understand how you feel, I’m just like you mom of two naughty little girls, they does same things at home almost everyday.

So here in this article im going to give 5 useful advices on how to organize messy Kid’s Room .

Select a specific area where kids can play.

it’s very important for your kids to discipline where they can play only.  Playing anywhere at home is a bad habit , every  mother should teach their kids by showing them a particular space for play time . Mom must select a specific area whether it’s living room or create a separate kid’s Room corner . Every children while playing they should follow the rule even with their friends to play only at that same area every time. Definitely it’s not easy to make them understand because kids are very impulse but with patience mom needs to set a rule for that to guide them every time if they don’t follow. Slowly day by day they will learn how follow mama’s rule. 

Decor Kid’s Room or Play corner with carpet

This trick works with me so greatly .I noticed my daughters while playing they don’t go out of carpet area , even if they do mess still they likes to sit on rug but not on floor, for that reason i find it very easy to clean the mess so quickly because that doesn’t spread all over floor.  Also i noticed kids love sitting on carpet, makes them more comfortable by focusing on play , moreover room carpet makes your kid’s room very classy .

Give minimum Toys with Organizing Box

Children always loves to play with new and different toys , but as mother if you give more toys to them in every day life you aren’t just giving them permission to do more mess also you’re spoiling your child’s habit. So make sure you must give your kid minimum meaningfull toys and games with organizing box.Now why organizing box is needed ? Simply because after playing organizing box helps you to keep all toys putting one place for next play time.

Play with Wooden Toys instead Plastic

Nowadays plastic toys are available in every kids store. definitely comes in cheap price compare to wooden toys, moreover plastic toys are not only dangerous for kids health but also it makes a bad impact on children’s psychology. When a child play with wooden blocks they feel more challenge to solve puzzles, children become more focus and get interest for learning by playing building blocks. Plastic toys are tend to break so easily and if your baby crawl on that would be very dangerous to get hurt, but with wooden toys mom can rest assured , Wooden toys are always safe secure and eco friendly.

Teach Children How to clean up after Play

No matter how many times you as mom clean that messy Playroom, it’s gonna be same after few times if you don’t teach your children How to Clean up after Play.  Cleaning Playroom by own hand will helps your children to value about cleaning and stay hygienic. In Japan every Preschool has this routine to clean classroom before go back to home. Cleaning up your own room discipline about Independence do things by your own. As mom of two i teaches my daughter to clean every time they do mess. Definitely sometimes kids not gonna follow your rule in that case leave this lesson for that day repeat on next day again , trust me slowly your kids will follow you , later they will help you to cleaning not just playroom even for daily house work.

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