Ideas to buy Playroom carpet, Rug or play mat for kid’s Room Decor by RIKA & co

Choosing carpet for kids room is not an easy task. Playroom , Babyroom carpet is a must have for newly mom, Your child can play comfortably on carpet , can lie down ,take tummy time and crawl all around safely. but there is some different between Playroom carpet ,Babyroom rug , or Baby Play mat . These three may serve similar purpose but looks and appearances are very different for your room decoration. So before purchase the right carpet, We RIKA & Co giving you ideas to choose and décor kids room with Playroom carpet.

• Know about carpet vs rug vs mat
• Size comparisons
• Pricing between carpet vs rug vs mat
• Select Room Area to Decor
• Cleaning and Maintenance

Know about carpet vs rug vs mat
A Carpet is very thicker then a floor rug. Carpets are heavy ,comfortable for winter and Summer season , because of heavyweight it’s non skid your baby can crawl without slipped on floor. Where a rug is very thinner light weight not comfortable for winter season , baby can not crawl well with skid or kids can not play or lie down on it. Carpet gives a luxurious looks to your room where rugs are like more of just floor covering.
Now must mention baby play mat which is not like carpet nor rug , Play mat can made by fabric or plastic both uses for kids to playing, Infant tummy time and sleep , but definitely not comfortable as carpet .

Size comparisons
Size is a key note before buying carpet , rug or play mat. All these three items comes in different size from small ,medium, large size is available in market but if you don’t know what exact size to choose then buying carpet would be a blunder for room décor. Every room has different specification you need to decide how you want to give a perfect room looks for you little baby. If you have small space then go for medium size round shapes carpet or rug or mat , suitable for baby tummy time but if you want your child to play or crawl all day long on floor then go for 80/120, 100/120 size carpet or mat according to your room space. Rugs are not suitable for crawling or playing.

Pricing between carpet vs rug vs mat
Carpet is always comes in high Price compare to rug or playroom mat , Kids rugs are easily available in low cost , play mat also comes in low price in comparison to rug however carpet quality is much higher then any floor rug or play mat. Carpet may cost more but for long run worth buying.

Select Room Area to Décor
Selecting perfect room area for room decorations with carpet is most essential part. Which room or corner you wants to create play space for your little one? You can décor any room with carpet but have to observe before placing it where your child spend most of the time in home? Some kids has separate kid’s room but in India most parents prefer décor carpet with living room. Multiple room carpets can decorate for each room but not all parents can afford that cost . Also once you shift your carpet one area can’t move frequently to another room because of heavy weight, while floor rugs are very easy to access any room corner for decoration. So before purchasing make sure which room you want to décor. RIKA & Co has varieties kid’s Room carpet and floor rugs in appropriate size and shapes exclusive for kid’s room Décor.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Carpet or Rug both are washable with follow instructions , some carpets are made with easy to machine wash fabric but some carpets has flux far on it which not suitable for machine wash however all carpets can hand wash by spot clean with cleanser. Once in week you can dry it on morning sunshine to maintain quality , please avoid too much heat or sunlight which can ruin carpet’s softness and shine. RIKA & Co carpets are selected for kid’s room, all carpets or rug can easy to clean whether machine wash or hand wash.

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