Kid’s Art Easel for Early Learning | RIKA & Co Artist Drawing Board

The mind of a child is like a mirror, it will reflect everything it perceives. Hence, when the children begin to grasp their environment, they express their growing knowledge through their art, like painting on the wall or doodling on the floor.
For children, painting is an expression of the soul, and it is also a preliminary appreciation and cognition of beauty and color. The children’s graffiti on the white wall is just for artistic creation. Instead of erasing them, we must encourage such creativeness to provide them with enthusiasm.

But, it is also true that toddlers can be quite messy with their artwork. And these random doodling can cause an untidy atmosphere. The vibrant colors of their innocent art are hard to wash away.
Thus, RIKA & Co two in one drawing board is an exceptional product for all children, as well as for parents. Its front magnetic drawing board is easy to erase, the polymer composite material is flat and smooth; the slow reflective drawing board protects the fragile eyes of the children from any damage; the bottom is equipped with a storage tray; doesn’t occupy much space; the painting brush is no longer afraid of running around!

Fold and keep any corner
Safe stand
Easy to fold
Easy to Clean
Decor Kid’s Study and Play Room

0-3-year-old babies sit on the ground and doodle, and 3-12-year-old children engulf themselves in divergent thinking; at this time, RIKA Kid’s Art Easel: two in one children’s drawing board, meets all the needs of children.

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