Story of RIKA & Co. Coolest Online Store for Kid’s Room Decor

RIKA & Co is an Online store with modern concept of Kid’s Room Decor, Homeschooling and Playroom Essentials .

Purpose of RIKA & Co .

We are not just a common online kids store, It’s a dream of a Mother. Our products present the modern independent concept of a perfect home environment, that every kid needs. All our Play Equipment Learning Tools and Blocks are well researched for kids’ cognitive development. Albert Einstein said that “play is the highest form of research.” Also, Maria Montessori said that “play is the work of the child.” Rika & co provides the best play materials for meaningful learning to create a perfect childhood.

Who is RIKA & Co?

‘RIKA’ is the middle name of Tanurika & Sonurika daughter of Ms.Sudipa an MRes Master’s Research Scholar on Early Childhood Education , Owner and founder of RIKA & Co. She was worked for five 5years in Preschool then deeply inspired by Montessori Methodology. She observed about present day Kid’s home environment is not appropriate for child’s mentel growth. As everyone knows Maria Montessori was the first person to introduce wooden furniture as learning materials for toddlers.
Although wooden goods are easily accessible, but nowadays wooden furniture is very expensive, and not every parent can afford it. So with RIKA & Co, her motive is to overcome this obstacle by creating a perfect furnished and decorated room idea for every child and for every parent to afford.

RIKA Family

How RIKA & Co Started

2016 while working on preschool research Ms Sudipa dreamed of an ideal Kid’s Room Decorating Project for her own kid’s. After gave birth to her first Child she begins to decorate her daughter’s room with perfect intellectual eco friendly learning toys to teach her baby just like in Montessori play. One day she realise same like her own daughters every children deserve a perfect well decorated kid’s room environment to develop child’s imagination cognitive function. Intelligent children learn by playing but not every children get best atmosphere to play and home is the first place to start proper learning. So from that an unique idea journey begin as RIKA & Co coolest kid’s store on planet for Kid’s Room Decoration.

Beautifully Organize RIKA Kid’s Room

Why Choosing RIKA & Co

We are Creating Perfect Childhood. All our products are safe and stylish; from play equipment to essential wooden educational toys, easy to install, from infant to eight years old toddler can enjoy playtime with our product. we have various kinds of learning blocks which made by high quality woods, represent Montessori method helps to develop reading writing skills much earlier age. Every learning product can be use by teachers as well as students.
We do not sale any poor made plastic toys which is harmful for kids. RIKA & Co focuses on quality product with details description with every product provide to customers.

Modern Concept of Kid’s Room Decoration

RIKA & Co online Kid’s Store not just sell product beside provides unique kid’s room decoration ideas also by our YouTube channel any mother can get the idea of creating perfect childhood by watching YouTube videos of RIKA & Co Room Decoration tutorials

Kid’s Study Room
Kid’s Study Room
Kid’s Bedroom
Kid’s Bedroom
Baby Room
Kid’s Play Carpet

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